George Boole and a strange coincidence


Photo: Google

One of the courses we teach about technology is Key Stage 3 Computer Science.  I would like to claim that this weeks lesson on Logic gates being taught on the 200th Anniversary of George Boole’s birth was due to careful planning, however it was actually a total coincidence!


It is great to see that the media has been paying so much attention to some of the important figures who have lead to the creation and advancement of Technology.  We can’t help but wonder if in future years people will be celebrating one of our own students, and what advancements they may make in the field of technology.

If you are looking for more information about George Boole, the Telegraph ha an excellent article about him : 

Google also produced the Google Doodle above, if you click on the image it will take you to full details about George Boole, and the Google Doodles