Logic Gates – Our Education Kit for Students

We have had a really exciting week (if rather busy) putting together our first Education Kits for students, the first deliveries were sent out earlier this week, and we are eagerly awaiting feedback from some of our students.  The electronic kits are designed to give people hands on experience in building actual logic gates from electronic components.

Unpacking the delivery of components

Unpacking the delivery of components

Logic Gates are covered in both IGCSE, and Key Stage 3, so they should hopefully be useful for both sets of students.  The kits involve no soldering, and all that people need to add (those famous words everyone fears at Christmas – BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED).

It is not compulsory to buy the kits, and students will still learn everything they need to know about logic gates, we just think sometimes hands on experience can really encourage people to enjoy a topic, and get an even better understanding.

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