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We have KS2, CIE IGCSE  and O Level available.

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IGCSE Computer Science (CIE) 0478 & CIE Now Available!

Now you can study at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

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The IGCSE Computer Science CIE 0478 course is split into 8 separate modules to spread the cost. Each module is £50.
OR you can buy the whole course at once and save £50.

Module 1: Introduction to Computers, Binary and Hex
Module 2: Inputs, Sensors, Monitoring and Control Systems, Outputs
Module 3: Von Neumann, Logic Gates, Storage and Media
Module 4: Internet Technologies, Data Transmission, Encryption, Ethics
Module 5: Python Programming
Module 6: Algorithms and Pseudo Code
Module 7: Flow Charts, Errors in Code, Trace Tables, Databases
Module 8: Walk through exam papers and example Pre-release task