OPTION 1: Self-paced courses (Recorded)

We offer self-paced online courses with more being added all the time. Now you can study at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

We have :

KS2, KS3, CIE IGCSE (0478) and CIE O Level (2210) available.

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View our FREE Course: Introduction to the Raspberry Pi here.

Sample some of the videos in the IGCSE course here.

School licenses are available. Please contact us.



KS3 Course can be bought as one (get a £10 discount) or as modules to spread the cost:

Module 1: Introduction to Computer Science 1&2 (£50)

Module 2: Aspects of Computer Science(£25) 

Module 3: The Internet (£25)

Module 4: Electronics and Logic Gates (£25)

*****IGCSE Computer Science (CIE) 0478 & CIE Computer Science O Level now available! ******

The IGCSE Computer Science CIE 0478/ O Level (2210) course is split into 8 separate modules to spread the cost. Each module is £50.
OR you can buy the whole course at once and save £50.

Module 1: Introduction to Computers, Binary and Hex
Module 2: Inputs, Sensors, Monitoring and Control Systems, Outputs
Module 3: Von Neumann, Logic Gates, Storage and Media
Module 4: Internet Technologies, Data Transmission, Encryption, Ethics
Module 5: Python Programming
Module 6: Algorithms and Pseudo Code
Module 7: Flow Charts, Errors in Code, Trace Tables, Databases
Module 8: Walk through exam papers and example Pre-release task

NOTE: There is no direct tutor support included in the self-paced courses, but one to one tuition is available at £15 for every half an hour whenever it’s needed.