What we offer

  • IGCSE Computer Science (CS) – CIE
  • Key Stage 3 Computer Science – click to find out more
  • Key Stage 2 Computer Science – self-paced online
  • Personal and Group Tutoring (Personal Tutoring is £27 per hour)


Register now for September Classes:

IGCSE Computer Science – 2 years – Mondays 11am-12pm

IGCSE Computer Science – 1 Year – Tuesdays 1.00pm-3.15pm (15 break in-between)

KS3 Computer Science – Block 3:  5 weeks of Study – Mondays 9.30-10.30am

  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Testing and Evaluation of Software
  • Wireframes – Designing software
  • Audio Files
  • Image Files

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NEW: Personal coaching for IGCSE Computer Science

  • Personalised work schedule tailored to when you want to take the exam
  • Depending on your schedule – weekly or fortnightly marked and graded homework and programming tasks
  • Access to your tutor during “Office Hours” on a Thursday evening 7-8pm if you need one to one help
  • Help and guidance for the Pre-Release programming task
  • A Marked and Graded Mock Exam
  • Free six week revision schedule before your exam
  • Support and guidance every step to help you pass the exam

This is available for £200 with no hidden costs. Payment can be spread over the duration of the coaching period.