Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day, October 13th. There are lots of interesting facts and events going on today about this amazing woman and some free to download educational resources in the “Resources” section.  http://findingada.com There are also recordings of the last two years Ada Lovelace Day Live! on YourTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist… and here: http://findingada.com/archives/events-2013/  

Current availability

We have a number of students waiting to do IGCSE Computer Science, KS3 and KS2 but not enough for a class yet, so get in contact if you are interested. Simply email info@learntec.co.uk with the course you are interested in. As soon as we have enough students, we will start the new courses […]

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

We have had a fantastic time running our first sessions covering the Raspberry Pi,which we feel is the perfect starter computer for those wishing to get hands on experience in programming. The lesson covered everything from the history of the Pi, getting the Pi up and running to demonstrating what additional […]