Results and Testimonials

2016 Summer exam results for IGCSE Computer Science (CIE):

All students passed with a grade C or higher. Grades were:

A*,A*, B, B, C,C


2016 Winter exam results for IGCSE Computer Science (CIE):

Grades were:

A*,A*,A, B, E



Testimonials: (If you would like to speak to a parent please contact us)

“My son and I were hugely impressed with the standard of Julia’s teaching. She was very thorough and had a good way of explaining the more difficult concepts, going over them again and again in different ways until students ‘got it’. She managed to encourage a relaxed atmosphere in the lessons without compromising on work ethic. The most impressive thing was that she made herself available out of class hours to help individual students. To quote my son: “She’s the most dedicated teacher I’ve ever had.”  Really, nothing was too much trouble, and she was very approachable. She also gave detailed and helpful feedback on home assignments, and lots of encouragement. We cannot recommend her highly enough and are delighted we just happened to come across her advert at the right time for the one year computer science IGCSE course. My son gained an A*. ”

Mrs G, Herts


“I just wanted to recommend the online courses from Learntec. My son took the IGCSE Computer Science course with Julia and we found out this morning that he got an A*. As I know nothing about Computer Science, I can’t take any of the credit for helping him through the syllabus.

N. M.