Class Dates for Students

NOTE: Classes for the academic year 2018/19 start the week beginning 17th Sept 2018.

Term Dates: 2017/2018

Classes start again the week beginning 18th Sept 2017

Class Dates: All dates listed have lessons. If the date isn’t listed, there is no lesson.


Half Term 1 (5 weeks):

Monday 18th Sept, Tuesday 19th Sept, Weds 20th Sept

Monday 25th Sept, Tuesday 26th Sept, Weds 27th Sept

Monday 2nd October, Tuesday 3rd October, Weds 4th October

Monday 9th October, Tuesday 10th October, Weds 11th October

Monday 16th October, Tuesday 17th October, Weds 18th October


HALF TERM – no classes on 23rd, 24th and 25th October 


Half Term 2 (7 weeks):

Monday 30th October, Tuesday 31st Sept, Weds 1st November

Monday 6th November, Tuesday 7th October, Weds 8th November

Monday 13th November, Tuesday 14th November, Weds 15th November

Monday 20th November, Tuesday 21st November, Weds 22nd November

Monday 27th November, Tuesday 28th November, Weds 29th November

Monday 4th December, Tuesday 5th December, Weds 6th December

Monday 11th December, Tuesday 12th December, Weds 13th December


CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – three weeks no classes


Half Term 3 (5 weeks):

Monday 8th January, Tuesday 9th January, Weds 10th January

Monday 15th January, Tuesday 16th January, Weds 17th January

Monday 22nd January, Tuesday 23rd January, Weds 24th January

Monday 29th January, Tuesday 30th January, Weds 31st January

Monday 5th February, Tuesday 6th February, Weds 7th February


HALF TERM – no classes on 12th, 13th, 14th February


Half Term 4 (6 weeks):

Monday 19th February, Tuesday 20th February, Weds 21st February

Monday 26th February, Tuesday 27th February, Weds 28th February

Monday 5th March, Tuesday 6th March, Weds 7th March

Monday 12th March, Tuesday 13th March, Weds 14th March

Monday 19th March, Tuesday 20th March, Weds 21st March

Monday 26th March, Tuesday 27th March, Weds 28th March


EASTER HOLIDAYS – no classes for two weeks


Half Term 5 (6 weeks):

Monday 16th April, Tuesday 17th April, Weds 18th April

Monday 23rd April, Tuesday 24th April, Weds 25th April

Monday 30th April, Tuesday 1st May, Weds 2nd May

Monday 7th May (This is a Bank Holiday), Tuesday 8th May, Weds 9th May

Monday 14th May, Tuesday 15th May, Weds 16th May (Exam Week IGCSE and AS)

Monday 21st May, Tuesday 22nd May, Weds 23rd May (Exam Week AS)


HALF TERM – no classes on 28th, 29th, 30th May


Half Term 6 (5 weeks):

Monday 4th June, Tuesday 5th June, Weds 6th June

Monday 11th June, Tuesday 12th June, Weds 13th June

Monday 18th June, Tuesday 19th June, Weds 20th June

Monday 25th June, Tuesday 26th June, Weds 27th June

Monday 2nd July, Tuesday 3rd July, Weds 4th July