OPTION 2: Live Classes (Online)

Enrolment for live classes for Computer Science Classes with Learntec is now open.

To enrol your child please email: info AT learntec DOT co DOT uk with the following info:

Full Name, Sex, DOB, Any Special educational needs and the class you would like to enrol in.

Computer Science Classes from Sept 2020.

  • All classes start the week beginning 7th Sept 2020 and run until the first week of July 2021 with breaks for half terms, Christmas and Easter.
  • All classes are £8.00 per hour, payment is per term.
  • There is a £32 fee for the first 4 hours of lessons which is non-refundable. This will be taken off your first term’s fees.

KS3: Wednesdays 11am – 12pm. Min age 11yrs.
This is a one year course designed to mix theory and programming with the aim to prepare students for the IGCSE.

IGCSE1 year option (min age 14yrs). To take the IGCSE exam May/June 2021.
Tuesdays 1-3.15pm with a 15 min break during that time. Cost is £16 per week.

IGCSE: 2 Year option (min age 12yrs). To take IGCSE exam May/June 2022
Tuesdays 11-12pm
Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am

Can’t make these lesson times?
NEW: for 2020 : non-live class option:  you can work on the same learning platform as the live students with the same schedule (one or two years), homework, assessments and access the tutor via email or weekly drop-in Office Hours for one to one help. The recorded lessons, materials and homeworks are released every Monday morning on the scheduled weeks.

Books: Please do NOT buy any books at the moment as I am swapping the books I use for the IGCSE course. A list of books will be provided in due course. There are no books for KS3 or Post-IGCSE Course.

Included in your fees is a free enrichment course with pre-recorded videos with extra programming (games and more), ICT (word processing, spreadsheets etc) and comments on interesting news items to do with computing. This is not part of the IGCSE Syllabus but will help students increase their knowledge and give them other skills the course doesn’t cover. This is self-paced and available from the start of the lessons in Sept until the student finishes. New videos being added through the year. There is no assessment for this optional course.

FAQ: What if we have another COVID-19-type exam cancellation situation, would you be able to provide predicted grades and evidence to exam centres?
Answer: Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem as I was able to provide suitable evidence for most of my students this year due to COVID-19. It was only the exam centres who refused to do anything for external candidates where my students were unable to get a predicted grade. Most were able to swap to another exam centre and the evidence I provided was accepted. I have a list of exam centres who accepted my evidence and can liaise with any parent to ensure they book a centre who would do predicted grades should this situation happen again.

Post IGCSE 1 year. Min requirement grade B/6 at IGCSE or GCSE.
Wednesdays 1-2pm

There is no exam for this course.
This course is mainly advanced programming techniques to prepare students for post IGCSE study and improve programming ability.
Much of the content is from the CIE AS Level Computer Science. NOTE: it’s not meant to be the full AS level so students wishing to study the AS will need to find an alternative learning provider.
We will cover:
IDEs, advanced binary maths, Functions, Error handling, Library Programs, Reading/Writing to files, Networks, Sorting algorithms, Object Oriented programming, SQL & multiple tables in databases, Windows programming in Python (TKinter), Java, Java Script.

What about A Level?
I will be re-starting A Level classes from Sept 2021.

Guide to using the Virtual class