OPTION 2: Live Classes (Online)



We offer live classes in KS3 and IGCSE Computer Science. ALL classes are ONLINE via our virtual classroom. For more information about the live classes, click here


To enrol your child please email: info @ learntec dot co dot uk with the following info: Full Name, Sex, DOB, Any Special educational needs.

Computer Science Classes from Sept 2019.
All classes start the week beginning 16th Sept 2019 and run for 34 weeks with breaks for half terms, Christmas and Easter. Payment is in advance per term.
All classes are £8.00 per hour, payment is per term with a fee of the first 4 hours of lessons (£32) payable to book a place. Please note this deposit is not refundable due to the admin time taken to set up a student.
KS3: Wednesdays 11am – 12pm. Min age 11yrs. ****CLASS FULL*****
IGCSE: 1 year option (min age 14yrs). To take the IGCSE exam May/June 2020.
Tuesdays 1-3.15pm with a 15 min break during that time. Cost is £16 per week, total cost will be approx £480.
IGCSE: 2 Year option (min age 12yrs). To take IGCSE exam May/June 2021
Wednesdays 2.30-3.30pm
Post IGCSE 1 year. Min requirement grade C at IGCSE or GCSE.
Wednesdays 1-2pm 
There is no exam for this course.
This course is mainly advanced programming techniques to prepare students for post IGCSE study and improve programming ability.
Much of the content is from the CIE AS Level Computer Science with all the boring bits removed. NOTE: it’s not meant to be the full AS level so students wishing to study the AS will need to find an alternative learning provider.
We will cover:
IDEs, advanced binary maths, Functions, Error handling, Library Programs, Reading/Writing to files, Networks, Sorting algorithms, Object Oriented programming, SQL & multiple tables in databases, Windows programming in Python (TKinter), Java, Java Script.

Guide to using the Virtual class