April 9, 2017

Live Classes (Online)

September 2022 Enrolment Open!

See the bottom of the email for a form to complete to enrol.


Course: CAIE Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science 0984/0478.

Min age 13. This is a two year course only, one hour a week. If you want to do the exam in less than two years, you need to purchase the pre-recorded course. We will email you details of this if you complete the enrolment form.

Please pick one class:

Tuesdays 11-12pm

Wednesdays 2.30-3.30pm

Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm

KS3: Min age 12

This is a one year course to prepare students for the IGCSE. Although there is no requirement to continue on if they don’t want to.

Covers: Computer Hardware, Software, Memory, Binary, Cyber Security, Digital IMages, Digital Sound, Logic Gates, Electronics, Python Programming.

NOTE Those on the KS3 Lower this year, this is the same course as the KS3 Upper.

Wednesdays 1-2pm

A Level:

See the A Level FAQs here: http://learntec.co.uk/a-level-live-lessons-faqs



All prices are excluding of taxes. We are not asking for deposits until the summer.

IGCSE:First Year: £100 for first two terms, £80 final term

Second Year: £100 for first two terms, final term £50


£100 for first two terms, final term £80

A Level:

£800 for first year (after the AS Exam, lessons will continue after into the summer to make a start with the A2 course). Split into at least three payments.

£750 for the second year. Lessons will cease the week before the exam. Split into at least three payments.


Enrolment is OPEN! Thank you for your patience as we recovered from COVID.

We still have spaces! Fill in the form here to sign up: https://forms.gle/eUvXqtpUBQWeq2d58

Thank you for your patience.